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For work. For play. Comtruk beds are the best way to go to get more out of your pickup or light-duty commercial vehicle.

Life doesn’t stand still. Neither do the gates on Comtruk beds. The Tri-Gate features three operable gates for safer, easier loading and unloading.

Reconfigure the Tri-Gate for the job or industry. The operable gates are easy to lower or completely remove.

Comtruk added side gate steps and handles in increase the safety of the Tri-Gate. Easy to use, easy to tuck away.

Comtruk’s integrated systems of c-channels allows you to customize your Tri-Gate for the job or the industry.

The Tri-Gate’s three operable gates can be lowered to 90 or 180 degrees, or easily removed.

Comtruk’s patented designs give the Tri-Gate the versatility you need from a pickup bed. Work or play, we get you on your way.

Proven in the Australian Outback, Comtruk beds can take what you throw at them. Just ask Kevin …

Load up your Tri-Gate with the gear you need, then convert it into a mobile work center once you’re on the job site.

Convert your Tri-Gate into a usable bench in 20 seconds or less. Use it as a workbench on the work site or as a handy kitchen counter when camping.

Wondering if Comtruk’s patented rack bars can handle what you need to haul? Check out what we’ve put them through.

Comtruk’s EZ Lift-N-Load side lifter allows employees working along to load items like oil barrels and hot water heaters.

Comtruk + Ford Ranger = Awesome

Comtruk + the Chevrolet Silverado = work/play true love