safer, easier loading reduce risk, increase effeciency Commercial & Trade Comtruk heavy duty rack bars compatible with your favorite work & play accessories Load Rated Up To 330lbs XT150 rack bars adventure included bikes, surfboards, kayaks, gear ... whatever you need to seize the weekend Tri-Gate Bed Comtruk XT150 Rack Bars with connect the front rack bar to the rear rack bar to carry more Get More with our XT150 + cross bar combo Comtruk Cross Bars the world's most versatile truck bed customize for how you work or play Tri-Gate Bed Comtruk


The Comtruk© Tri-Gate® commercial bed and Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) are changing the way people use pickup trucks. Featuring tailgates and side gates that can be opened or completely removed, Comtruk allows for total access to the load space. This no-nonsense workhorse is the easiest commercial decision you will make to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and productivity, improve safety, and improve your brand’s image.


Comtruk beds were designed to meet cargo management needs. Comtruk offers hassle-free loading and hauling of gear, freight, merchandise, tools, or whatever else your work demands.


Made from industrial grade aluminum, Comtruk Tri-Gate beds and SUBs are strong and durable, yet light in weight. Heavy duty t-slots in the top side and underside of the bed floor, all four sides, and the inside and outside of the rack bars give complete control over how and where you strap down your load. With more flat floor space than a traditional truck bed, Comtruk beds hold a higher volume of load.


Explore the possibilities of a smarter way to maximize light-duty fleet pickups with the patented design of Comtruk’s Tri-Gate bed.

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Light and durable, industrial aluminum construction; less weight, less fuel.


Balanced proportion, fine form, aerodynamic lines, and custom colors match the chassis.


More flat floor space, less weight, more payload, more volume.


Secure loads or attach accessories from any of the integrated heavy duty t-slots.


Easy-to-operate side and tailgates, side drawers, and adapters.


Easier access for safer loading and unloading; ergonomic, lockable handles.

Fleet Managers

get value & flexibility

  • Safer work practices, increased employee satisfaction
  • Save on operational costs with increased efficiency,
    reduced fuel consumption, longer product life
  • Strong, durable, corrosion resistant industrial-grade
    aluminum alloy
  • Easy access to the bed for safer loading, load securing
  • Features integrated steps and handles
  • Repeatable loading/unloading processes for documented SOPs
  • Customize for the job; reconfigure the Tri-Gate for multiple uses

Dealers in Commercial Automotive Sales

offer customers a performance flatbed

  • Customize for the customer, reconfigure for the industry or job
  • 2020 models available for immediate delivery
  • Easy two-hour fitment
  • Add on automotive after-market accessories for more customization
  • Give customers value, efficiency, safety, strength, and durability
  • Meet market demand for a more flexible pickup bed